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Arry World is a wonky game made for the LD38, which had the theme "A Small World". 

The theme is respected in this case by setting the entire puzzle adventure on a small planet. The planet is in fact so small that traversing its entire circumference takes less than a minute!

Story Setting

You are stuck on a small planet and have no choice but to intermingle with the local brothers. Will you appease all of the Arries in their illogical madness? Will you escape your ordeal?

Find out in this wonky puzzle game!


  • A wonky puzzle adventure in the spirit of the old point-and-click games.
  • Humorous dialogues that are sure to make you laugh, cringe or conjure both of these emotions at once!
  • The best eclipse the world has ever seen in a video game.


  • UP: interact with NPC
  • DOWN: pick up/drop item
  • LEFT and RIGHT: move around on the planet


Made with Godot Engine v2.1.3, Krita & Photoshop

Additional credits go to Henrique Alves's Godot Text Interface Expander which is the plug-in that we used for the scrolling dialogues.


24 April 2017

  • Fixed broken pieces of quest flow and did better asset aligning/placement on the world


arryworld_linux_x64_86.zip 24 MB
arryworld_win_x64_86.zip 21 MB

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