This game is a submission for Ludum Dare 40View submission

A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

SquidBoy (& StarFace) is a small game made for the LD40, which had the theme "the more you have, the worse it is".

The theme is implemented by giving the player not just control over a
single ship as is common in normal shmups, but giving the player
control over two ships at once, having a shared lifepool. This means,
you as a player, have to navigate through a maze of bullets with not
just one, but two ships at a time! Good luck!

In the game, you play as two creatures of the sea. SquidFace is a young and naive squid who isn't afraid of getting into trouble. StarFace is his shy friend, who'd rather not be starring in the game but didn't have a choice. On one of their peaceful strolls, they butt into the Bloody Hornbeak, a crimelord in the local area, catching him off-guard without henchmen. An epic fight ensues!


SquidBoy: WASD (qwerty) or ZQSD (azerty). Don't forget the setting! DPAD on most controllers, or left joystick.

StarFace: Arrow keys. ABXY on most controllers, or right joystick.


  • Dual controls shoot-em-up bullet hell. Intended to play solo, but if too hard can be played by two players.
  • Epic multi-stage boss battle, will you defeat him?
  • Supports controller and keyboard controls, at the same time!
  • Various patterns to navigate through and die in
  • Gorgeous graphics by the talented the_shadermaster.
  • Awesome programming by guest programmer lexrandea


squidboy-starface.linux.x64 33 MB
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