Alpha 1 released!

Hey guys! 

After a focussed weekend, Piet and me made a prototype heavily inspired by a game we both loved as kids: Final Fantasy Tactics. We named it Bercadain Betlas, with a setting initially resembling 15th century western Europe but currently something all of its own.

While core attack and movement, map rotation, and character stats are in the game, nearly everything else you'd expect from a tactics game isn't.

This release serves two purposes:

  1. Serve as a first release that people can play when we tell them about the game instead of playing a broken build. What's in there is polished and works.
  2. Show what can be done in Godot Engine in two days.

Made with: Godot Engine 2.1.4


bercadain_betlas_alpha_1_x86_64 25 MB
Sep 17, 2017
bercadain_betlas_alpha_1_x86_64.exe 17 MB
Sep 17, 2017
bercadain_betlas_alpha_1_x86.exe 15 MB
Sep 17, 2017
bercadain_betlas_alpha_1_x86 24 MB
Sep 17, 2017

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