Current release: Alpha 2

Bercadain Betlas is a tactical turn-based RPG strongly inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics, a game we both dearly loved in our youths, but in a setting all of its own.

This project is heavily in development! At the moment, it can be played as a local versus game where each player assumes the role of a faction and tries to come out on top. For the next release, AI will be a key feature so that the game is playable as a single player game.


  • Overworld:
    • Click on the waypoint you want Fyntyn to move to.
    • Use the arrow keys to see more of the overworld
  • During battle:
    • Selection ring:
      • A+D to scroll through the selection wheel
      • S, Space, or Enter to select an action or enter the Skills submenu
      • W or escape to move out of the submenu
    • Camera:
      • Arrow keys to move around
      • Shift to move it faster
      • Q and E to rotate the map clockwise or anticlockwise.
      • F to flip the map
      • C to center the map again
    • Performing actions
      • When selecting a skill, the map will indicate which tiles you can perform the action on. Click the relevant tile with your mouse!

To get a feeling for the game, please see the latest devlog or play the game!

Public development board

Made with: Godot Engine 3.0, Aseprite, Tiled, Krita and GIMP.

Install instructions

  1. Extract the zip folder
  2. OS specific instructions:
    1. Windows/MacOS: Just run the file.
    2. Linux: you might need to set the permission by running
      chmod +x bercadain_betlas.x86_64
      chmod +x bercadain_betlas.x86


Download 29 MB
Download 28 MB
Download 26 MB
Download 28 MB

Development log


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